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The importance of logo design is very often overlooked by new businesses, and even some larger, well established businesses. Many people see it as an unecessary expenditure, particularly when on a tight budget. The truth is that a good, solid brand or logo is almost enough to sell a product by itself; as illustrated by many of the retail giants out there today. Yes, you may be getting customers through your door, and yes you may have a successful business - but don't underestimate the difference a good brand or logo can make.


The first thing many people do is try to get a free (or cheap) logo, either by downloading one from the internet, or designing / creating one themselves. The problem with this is, it often ends up costing you more than employing a professional in the first place, and you dont get the benefit of their input during the design process. When you come to produce brochures, or signage and require a scalable logo to enlarge - you may become unstuck, as artwork supplied from online services are often small, and unsuitable for print use.


Whichever route you decide to take, a logo is one of the most important elements to your business, projecting the image of your company and creating an immediate impression to potential customers. Ensuring this impression is a good one is vital; using a professional to design your logo can stop your business looking unfocused or amateurish.


ShoutAbout are able to create strong and distinctive logos for all types of businesses, ensuring that your customers’ first impressions are always good ones!
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