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Email is one of the most versatile ways to connect with your customers and visitors to your website. If you can encourage your existing customers and visitors to your website, to provide you with their email address it can be used to inform them about recent news, promote products and services, collect market research, analyse consumer buying trends, and increase your brand awareness.
Having a list of email addresses and contact details is critical to the use of email marketing. Utilising your website to capture this information is key.
The simplest way to capture your website visitors email address is by asking if they would like to receive your regular newsletter when they contact your through your website.

Other techniques include having a ‘Newsletter Signup Form’ integrated onto your website, or perhaps offering an inventive such as a useful download or discount voucher. However, in order to receive the offer visitors must provide their email address – this is where you would again ask if they would like to receive emails from you in the future.
Our in-house system, ShoutMailer can be used to create and send eye-catching email campaigns, share with social networks, track the results using advanced statistics and manage your subscribers.

We also offer a decidated UK based technical support team to help you get the results you want from email marketing.
So, why use Email Marketing?
Cost-effective Marketing
In comparison to other marketing methods, email marketing is the cheapest on several levels. Because there are no physical materials required, the initial start-up cost is virtually nothing. Regardless of how large your company is, there is no need to utilise several members of staff or accumulate man hours, because a successful email marketing campaign can be run from one computer by one person.
Instant, Measurable Results
Unlike any other direct marketing, email marketing has the tools to instantly find out the response to your campaign. You can view in-depth information such as open rates, click throughs, email campaign ‘hotspots’ which allows you to build a profile with the results.
An Impressive Return on Investment
In recent years, email marketing has become the highest earning marketing technique. Due to the ability to send high volumes, the low costs involved and the accuracy of the results that can be measured, the financial rewards can be amazing.
Easy to Create, Professional Campaigns
With ShoutMailer you no longer need a designer or specialist software to create your own professional looking marketing campaigns. The ShoutMailer email marketing system has a built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that will create the HTML coding for you so you can just concentrate on the design.
Straight-forward Email Personalisation 
Personalising email campaigns to the recipient’s name could be the key to them following up with an enquiry, or deleting the message. With an email, you can personalise each one you send with just one click of a button – it’s that easy!
For more information on our email marketing system please contact us, or click here to visit our ShoutMailer website.







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