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Using fresh, up to date content and images is very important when improving search engine rankings, and attracting new and returning customers to your website.
A content management system (CMS) allows you to review, edit and publish the content of your website easily and effectively; putting you in control. Functions such as modifying text, uploading images, adding news items and managing products are made simple with a well designed content management system. We are also able to integrate order management, stock control, and lead management systems - even text message (SMS) functionality should you require it.
Although adding cost initially, content management systems are cost-effective over the long-term as you can manage you website yourself, rather than employing a web company to do it.
Our content management systems are built specifically to your requirements; no off the shelf, 'make-do with' systems that contain hundreds of functions that you may never require. The beauty of this is we tailor the functionailty to fit perfectly into your business structure, workflows and methodology.
If you would prefer for ShoutAbout to maintain your website we also offer ongoing maintenance and support.
Content Managed Websites Are Ideal For:
   Online Businesses
   Websites That Require Regular Updating
   Businesses Whose Products Or Services Change Regularly
   Gaining Full Control Of Your Website







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